Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boston Has Arrived!

We are finally in Boston. It was an adventure getting here, but here we are.

There was a little of rain when we left San Antonio. Okay there was a lot. The airport lost power three times while we were there. After about an hour delay we got on the plane and the wind was blowing so bad that the plane was swaying. They said take off was going to be interesting. It wasn't too bad.

From San Antonio we had to go to Houston. I mean really? Out of all the cities we had to go to first it was Houston. Yes please take me to the other city in Texas that is flooding. It was actually not raining when we made it to Houston.

After all the delay we finally made it. I am ready to get this birthday vacation going. Tomorrow we are touring the city and going to the Boston Red Sox game. So ready to see the Green Monster!


courtney said...

have a great time! and happy birthday!! :) maybe my friend, john lackey, will be pitching tonight (for the sox). however, i think he just pitched a few nights ago so probably not.

anxious to hear--and see!--all about your trip!

Kara said...

glad you made it. have fun! happy b-day!

Ann said...

Can't wait to see all the pictures!! Hope you have a great time!!

Kelli said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip! Take a picture of the green monster for me...it's on my bucket list! Happy Early Birthday!!!