Thursday, October 29, 2009


Is this thing on? It has been so long I have almost forgot how to use Blogger.

I am in Lubbock and have been here a few days. I love it here. Jaime was going to be out of town all week so I decided to come to Lubbock instead of staying home by myself. So glad I decided to come.

Yesterday I got to hang out with a friend from Love Affair. I met Amanda thanks to Love Affair. She is so great and a really awesome photographer here in the Lubbock area. We try and get together when I am in town. Yesterday she let me hang out with her and go to two shoots. I had so much fun. I always learn tons when I am with her and more confident.

Yesterday evening she photographed a couple who is expecting their first child in a few months. Amanda already has the images up on her blog. Go check them out! If you ever need a photographer in Lubbock you should call her.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Before and After

The bedroom is finally done. It is perfect!!! You don't really care about the story so let's just get to the pictures.

I love the new bedspread, but hated the lamps. They looked so little. I also hated how low the windows were. They went almost to the floor, but there was about 5 feet of wall space above the windows. It looked like our windows were way short for the wall.

I love this corner. We had a similar T.V set up in our house in Corpus and loved it. We asked the builder to build us this one. We love having a built in T.V. shelf that is up high. We can lay in bed and watch T.V. without straining our necks. I also love not using a piece of our furniture to hold the T.V.

I have had this chair since high school. It matched my bedroom perfectly in high school. It has made every move with us, but hasn't matched anything in a long time. It had been up in our game room for 3 years not being used. After looking for chairs and seeing how ugly and expensive they are I decided I had to make this chair work. It is really comfortable so I decided to save some money and have it re-covered. That was my best idea.

We never put anything on the walls in our bedroom. So plain and simple. BORING! Not anymore. Now it is like cozy and comfortable.

This is the view when you walk in the bedroom. Love it! My friend Lisa did the painting and my friend Brandi did the decorating. I love what they did with the room.

The T.V. corner all spruced up. I had those decorative canisters in a closet. I have a bunch of decorations that I have bought and never found a place for. I just store them in the closet until I or someone else finds a place for them. The closet is now running low. So glad Brandi used some of the stuff I already had.

I love the way the dresser looks. Brandi added more pictures and I love that. She also put this flower arrangement together and it is beautiful. She did such a great job with it and best of all it is red. Red is my favorite color.

The seating area is my favorite. I am now working in the bedroom. I love sitting there and editing pictures. I had this table upstairs in the game room with a different skirt. Brandi decided to use it and just make a new skirt.

The lamp and little box is perfect. I keep junk in the box that I might need while I am working. It hides my junk well.

This is another piece I had stored in the closet. I was in Gruene shopping and found it. I had to have it. It hangs above the door.

One of the hardest things about decorating for me is I don't really like paintings. I might like them, but I haven't really found a type of art I really love. Instead I really connect to the rod iron pieces. I love this one. It is all the right colors and is big enough for the wall.

This box sits on my nightstand and holds all the important things like the remotes. It is so cute and now I always know where my remotes are.

Don't you just love the seating area! I also had the picture that hangs above the seating area. Aunt Jennifer gave it to me for Christmas last year. I never found the right spot for it, but Brandi did.

The curtains are my favorite part of the room. Brandi made them and I really LOVE them! They make such a huge difference. Now you can't really tell where the window starts. The windows no longer look retarded. The curtains draw your eyes up to the ceiling.

Our bedroom is what they call a suite. We have an entry way with a little hall. When you walk in our bathroom is to the right and our closets are to the left. Past our closets is our bedroom. Lisa painted the hall and bathroom a different color. It is a deeper metallic bronze color. It is so rich and beautiful. When you walk in you see this mirror.
Brandi added this picture frame to the hall.

This is what you see right when you walk in the suite. I also got this sign in Gruene.

I really love the bedroom and entry. It makes such a difference. As you may have noticed I have about 8 different favorite things. Jaime also loves the new bedroom. His favorite part is the paint. He said he never thought it would make that big of a difference. It made a huge difference.

The pictures are great, but it is better in person. Come see us!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaime!!!

Finally, today is your birthday. I love your birthday almost as much as I love mine. I can't even begin to tell you how lucky I feel to be your wife. I wake up thinking, he really choose me! Not that this list or any another list comes close to letting you know how wonderful you are, but just to let you know a few things.

1. You are still a kid at heart.
2. You will see a chick flick with me.
3. You play PlayStation like your life depends on it.
4. You will eat whatever I cook no matter how bad it is.
5. You call me before every flight, just in case.
6. You are my biggest supporter.
7. You know holding hands is my favorite and you are constantly grabbing my hand.
8. When I am mad you give me a hug to make it all better.
9. You let me plan our vacations.
10. You understand me even when I don't understand me.
11. You are so smart and constantly trying to teach me something.
12. You take care of all the finances and I have no idea.
13. You make me breakfast on Saturday mornings.
14. You love God as much as you love me.
15. You let me sing at the top of my lungs to you even though it probably hurts your ears.
16. You make me laugh.
17. You make me cry.
18. You let me decorate the bedroom however I wanted.
19. You work really hard to provide for us.
20. You listen to me and Lord knows I like to talk.
21. You always clean the kitchen after dinner.
22. You make the biggest mess at dinner.
23. You have great ideas.
24. You let me watch Friends every night before we go to bed even though you don't like re-runs.
25. You have big dreams.
26. You take care of all the plants and have not killed one.
27. You are my best friend.
28. You tell me I am precious ever morning before you leave for work.
29. You give me a hard time and sometimes I need it.
30. You calm me down when I am a little over the top.
31. You are very competitive.
32. You fix me a glass of water every night before bed even though I don't usually drink it.
33. You read about 5 books at a time and it drives me crazy because they are everywhere.
34. You send me flowers just because.
35. You talk about your recruits and players on PlayStation College Football like you are really the coach and you might lose your job. I think it is so funny that we have in depth conversations about players that don't even exist.

Happy Birthday Jaime!!! I love you more!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Is It Really Friday?

I have been really busy this week playing wife and I have done a really good job.

Jaime was suppose to start trial this coming Monday, but they finally settled last night. I of course didn't plan on them settling so I was preparing Jaime's wardrobe for trial. I managed to get every suit and sports coat in his closet pressed. I did not do the pressing myself of course, but instead took them to get pressed. He had a pair of pants that had a rip in the side seam at the pocket so I got those fixed. He also had a pair that had a horrible stain on the front. The stain was so bad that the suit was basically ruined unless the dry cleaners got the stain out. Is it sad that I jumped up and down for joy when the dry cleaners got the stain out?

I also made sure he had enough white dress shirts to make it through a two week trial. Of course he needed ties to match all the suits. He has plenty of ties so I just had to match ties to suits. I basically had everything packed and ready for him when he called to say they had settled.

In more exciting news the bedroom is finished. It is GREAT, but you will have to wait till next week to see it. Mom and Dad are coming here for the weekend and I didn't want to spoil the reveal for Mom. I think Dad could probably care less.

Needless to say all my photography work has been on the back burner this week. I have tons I need to do, but my number one priority is being a wife and a good one at that. I did stay up really late last night and edit some more pictures. I am still editing from the baptism at the river. I am about half way done now.

These are the pictures I stayed up late working on last night. Enjoy and hope you have a great weekend.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Please Pray

My family is in need of prayers. This is a long story so bear with me.

My cousin Daron married Heather and officially brought her into our family. But before they got married she was like family. Heather's mom and Aunt Anita taught school together. Heather's parents moved from Lubbock her senior year of high school, but Heather stayed as not to miss her senior year. She moved in with Aunt Anita and Uncle Darrel. She became like family.

I was seven and Heather basically became another cousin to me. She taught me to French braid hair. I can remember sitting in my grandparents living room and learning. She taught me on a Barbie and when I had it down on the Barbie I started braiding Heather's hair. I loved to practice on Heather and she would let me all the time. It never got old for me and she was a great sport about having her hair braided. I was so excited when Daron married Heather and officially made her part of our family.

Daron and Heather have 2 kids, Drew and Emily. I remember going to the hospital when they were both born. Now Drew is 17 and Emily 12. They are really great kids. Daron and Heather are now divorced and both have re-married. Both Daron and Heather married great people and they have a family that really works. They all work very hard to make the family work and they all love the kids very much.

Drew lives with his Dad and Christy in Dallas and Emily lives with Heather and Mike in Austin. Heather was admitted into the hospital last week. She has bronchitis. It has become very serious in the past few days. She was put into ICU on Thursday and has continually gotten worse. They ended up sedating her and moving her to a rotating bed in order to try and help loosen the junk in her lungs. I am not a doctor so forgive my non-medical terms.

Yesterday the family was called and told they needed to get to the hospital to say goodbye. She was not breathing well and her kidneys and liver were starting to shut down. Everyone said their goodbyes and played the waiting game. Jaime and I drove to Austin yesterday afternoon to be there for the kids. Things started looking up as the afternoon went on.

When we left the hospital at 7pm last night Heather's oxygen level was up a little. The nurses and doctors have been very up front with the family. They have told us this is a very serious situation. Heather is critical, but stable at this point but that could change very quickly.

Heather is in for a long hard battle, but has a lot of people pulling for her. At this point we need as many prayers as possible. Drew and Emily really need their mother. Please pray for Heather and her recovery.

Heather Slagle North

Thursday, October 8, 2009

And Then There Was A List

Just a quick update. I am still alive and doing fine. I feel like a list.

- I have taken a internet break this week. I don't know what has gotten into me, but I have only been on the internet once this whole week and it was Tuesday morning to check blogs. I think I just needed a little a break. Sometimes I feel like my life revolves around the internet and I don't want it to be like that.

- Biggest Loser is still my favorite show. I love it! Abby is my favorite and I hope she goes all the way.

- I am really tired of all the Jon and Kate drama. I feel really bad for those kids.

- I made Pioneer Woman's French Onion Soup last night. It was amazing! It was easy and super delicious. My plan was soup and salad for dinner because I didn't think the soup would be enough for Jaime. I was wrong. He didn't touch the salad he just kept going back for more soup. I highly recommend this recipe!

- Jaime has been gone most of the week so I have been all by myself and totally bored. I hate when he is gone a lot.

- I am still in love with college football. My goal every Saturday is to not leave the house let alone get out of my pajamas till dinner time. Once dinner time arrives I want to be at a restaurant in front of a T.V. for the night game. I will sit there till halftime and high tail it home for the second half. Doesn't that sound like the best Saturday ever?

- I am on the DL. That is disabled list for you non-baseball fans. I have an injured hip and shoulder. That pretty much rules out lifting weights. I need my hip to do legs and my shoulder to do arms. I am not working out this week and it is driving me crazy. Is this what happens when you turn 29?

- The low here Friday is 56 degrees. First, is that really possible? It has been 90 with 126% humidity all week. Second, what does 56 feel like? I have totally forgot. Third, am I going to have to get up at 4am to actually remember what 56 degrees feels like?

Happy Thursday!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Awesome God

For all you impatient people, the room is not ready. There is still nothing on the walls so I will not be showing any pictures until it is all done. I am not like Ann and get it done in one weekend. My masterpieces take longer. You will just have to wait.

Now to the important stuff. Last Saturday Jaime and I went to a baptism at the river. It was such an amazing experience. It was a beautiful day outside and the property we were on was breathtaking. God did some amazing things at the river. The scenery was so pretty and some of the baptisms put tears in my eyes. I walked away reminded that we have an awesome and amazing God.

These are just a few of my favorite pictures. I took over 400 pictures so I have lots of favorites. I am still trying to edit a bunch, but I wanted to share these. What a wonderful way to start the weekend.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Chair

The Chair is finally complete and back at my house.  It took a lot for that to happen.  Two weeks ago this is what it looked like.

The chair was suppose to be ready on Tuesday.  I was told it would be ready in the afternoon.  I called at 1:00 and the lady told me it would probably be around 4:00 or 5:00 before it was ready.  I was in San Antonio so I went to Jaime's office to hang out and wait for the chair to be finished.  I didn't want to go all the way home and then have to go back into town to get the chair.  I should have gone home.  The lady called me at 4:00 to tell me there was no way it would be ready.  She was hand sewing the skirt so it was taking longer.

Hello?  I have to wait on the chair another day because you are hand sewing the skirt?  I was so impressed that she was taking the time to hand sew, but was upset she expected me to wait another day.  It had already been 2 weeks.  Believe it or not I made it to Wednesday.

Jaime was going to help me get the chair on Tuesday, but that didn't end up working out.  Of course he wasn't available to help me yesterday.  He had some big important deposition.  Deposition or Chair?  My choice was chair, but his priorities were different.

I had to ask my neighbor, Lara to help me.  She was willing to help partly because she is just as excited to see the chair as I was.  Yesterday morning we headed to the other side of the world to pick up this chair.  The nice chair recovering lady lives on the other side of town.  She lives about 45 minutes from my house with no traffic.

We made it to her house with minimal traffic and set our eyes on the beauty.  We got the beauty loaded up with no problem and headed home.  3/4 of the way home the lady calls me to tell me we forgot the seat cushion.  WHAT???  Are you kidding me?  No, she wasn't kidding me.  We really forgot the seat cushion.

I didn't have enough time to turn around and go back.  I had to get Lara home so she could pick up kids from school and I had to go workout.  Jaime offered to go get it today, but there was no way I was waiting another day.  After workout I went all the way back over there to get the seat cushion.  It was totally worth it because this is what it looks like.