Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday

Robin turns 30 today, so that means it's time for me to take over the blog again. As most of you know we are in Boston. When Robin and I first started talking about a Birthday trip she stated that she wanted to go to Boston, Chicago, San Diego or Los Angeles to see a baseball game. We actually booked flights to Chicago first. Those were quickly canceled so that we could book flights to Los Angeles. Those flights were quickly canceled so that we could book flights to San Diego. We did a lot of research on hotels and I found us a great place to stay in San Diego. It's a good thing I didn't purchase Padre's tickets, because we ended up in Boston. Robin could not have made a better decision. We have done baseball, whale watching and historical sight seeing --- and oh, yea -- lots of eating.

I know this is Robin's birthday trip, but I am so lucky to be in such a wonderful city with my beautiful wife. She has mentioned several times today that she doesn't feel 30. The truth is she doesn't look 30 either, as she looks better today then she did the day I met her.

We have had a great week together checking out Boston. I will be sad to see the week come to an end as I love traveling places with Robin. Best I can tell we have about 60 more Birthday trips to make and I cannot wait to keep marking cities and ballparks off our list.

Robin, I love you. Have a wonderful birthday.


Kara said...

Happy 30th Robin!

Kelli said...

Awww! How sweet is your husband! Hope you guys have a wonderful trip!

courtney said...

Happy 30th, Robin!! Sorry it's belated--we were out of town this weekend and I'm just now catching up. I hope you guys had a WONDERFUL trip to Boston!