Friday, May 29, 2009


Oklahoma, where wind comes sweepin' down the plain......Oklahoma - O.K.  Is it crazy that I know part of the state song for Oklahoma?  Surly not since it ended up being a musical.  Anyways, if you haven't already guessed we are in Oklahoma.

We were in Houston on Wednesday and flew to Oklahoma City late Wednesday night.  I think everyone should visit Oklahoma City at some point.  You only need a few days and so far it has been lots of fun.

Yesterday I got up and had a really nice workout.  I worked out for about an hour and decided that was enough for vacation.  As I was walking out of the workout room I saw a lot of college baseball players.  You know this peeked my interest.  I had to find out what they were doing here.  Actually, I figured they were playing baseball somewhere, but I had to find out when and where. 

The nice guy at the front desk informed me that the Washington State Cougars were staying at the hotel.  There is a regional for the NCAA Men's College World Series in Norman.  The team was headed to practice and starts tournament play today.

This all worked out perfectly.  I was talking to Dad last week and told him about the trip and he told me that the Women's College World Series was being played in Oklahoma City.  The Women's Championship started yesterday.  There were games at Noon, 2pm, 6pm and 8pm, but today there are only games in the evening.

I decided to go to Women's games yesterday and then the Men's game today at 1pm.  Basically that is the only way it would work so there wasn't much of a decision. 

I made two Women's games yesterday.  The first game was Georgia vs. Washington.  Washington ended up winning, but I actually thought Georgia was a better team.  The next game was Arizona State vs. Missouri.  I tried yelling for Missouri because they are a Big XII team.  They ended up playing terrible and making really stupid mistakes.  I couldn't yell for them.  Missouri played bad from the beginning so I started to yell for Arizona State in the second inning.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday.  The sun was out and perfect for a little tanning.  I was smart and brought the sun screen so no sunburn for me.  The best part was it wasn't that hot out.  I never broke a sweat so you know it wasn't that hot. 

Hopefully today works out as good as yesterday did.  FYI - I am here for fun, Jaime is here for work.

These girls were some die hard ASU fans.  That is their real hair.  Can you imagine how much junk they had to put in their hair to get it to stand up like that?  I love me some Texas Tech, but I am not sure I would ever do that.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Time Editing

I did a little editing yesterday.  What do you think?





Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family and Margaritas

The other great thing about our Houston trip was that we got to have dinner with Philip and Kathleen.  Sunday night we met them at El Tiempo for mexican food and margaritas .

We sat out on the patio and it was beautiful outside.  Houston weather is crazy.  The weather was perfect.  You would think because it rained earlier in the afternoon that it would have been humid.  No such thing.  It wasn't too hot and no humidity.  There was even a nice little breeze.

We all had margaritas which were amazing.  The food was excellent as well.  We all shared beef fajitas, chicken fajitas, ribs, shrimp, quail and sausage.  All of it was really good except for the quail.  I can't comment on the quail because I didn't have any.  Quail is a little too far out on the limb for me.

Best of all was the company.  We sat there for 3 hours just talking and catching up.  It was so wonderful.

Thanks Philip and Kathleen for meeting us for dinner and taking us to a wonderful restaurant!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

First and foremost thank you to all the servicemen and servicewomen, past and present. Without your sacrifices life would not be the same.  

We had decided to just stay home for a nice quiet weekend.  We were well on our way when Saturday we decided we were board.  It was about 5pm on Saturday and we hadn't left the house all day.  We slept in and just hung out.  It rained most of the afternoon which was really nice.  Finally, the sun came out and we decided we couldn't sit at the house any longer.

Instead of staying in the city that offers so much, we decided to head to Houston.  We chose Houston because the Astros were playing the Rangers on Sunday afternoon.  Jaime found great tickets to the game and got an amazing deal at the Four Seasons.  We left San Antonio at 7pm to head to Houston.  I love road trips!!!

We got to Houston just in time to have a little room service for dinner and then off to bed.  Sunday morning we slept late and got up in time for baseball.  The baseball game started at 1pm so the gates opened at 11am.  When I go to a baseball game I want to be there when the gates opened.  I love to watch batting practice.

Jaime got us amazing tickets.  We sat on the first base line on the FRONT ROW!  It was so much fun.  After Miguel Tejada finished warming up he came over to sign autographs.  I got his autograph and also got pinned against the railing.  There were so many people trying to get his autograph.  It got really crowded really fast, but Jaime took care of me.  I looked back to tell him that this guy had me pinned against the railing and he asked me which one.  The guy knew it was him and looked at Jaime.  When he saw Jaime he got out of the way pretty quick.  

I had decided to root for the Astros because they are in the National league.  National league teams don't cheat.  They make their pitchers bat.  It was hard rooting for the Astros because they are terrible.  It ended up being a great game.  I don't really like it when the innings are three up and three down.  I like exciting games with lots of hits.

The Astros had 9 hits and left 9 on base.  The Rangers had 11 hits and scored on 5 of those.  The final score was 5-0 for those of you who didn't know based on the information above.  A Sunday afternoon really doesn't get any better than baseball and hot dogs.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Caroline

Caroline called me on Monday, but unfortunately I was blowing my hair dry and didn't hear the phone ring.  She left me the following voicemail.

"I wanted to call you, but you weren't answering the phone.  I love you, but I..... because I want..... I wished that you lived here, but I wanted to spend all night with you.  I have been missing you.  Umm, sometime you will have to come to my house again.  I like playing with you and Jaime and..... I will send you one dollar and ninety-six cents."

You had me from one dollar and ninety-six cents.  I also love the "I love you, but....." part.  I am not sure what was to follow after the but because she lost her train of thought.  That is one voicemail I will never erase.  Thanks Caroline!!!  I love you.  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pumping Iron

I have been working out for about a year and a half now.  Some days I really like it and some days I complain a lot.  I am sure my trainer loves the days that I complain.  

I try to workout three days a week with my trainer depending on my schedule.  If I am being really good I do cardio after I workout.  If I am being ambitious I will walk on the days that I don't workout. 

My scheduled days with the trainer are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  On Tuesday I always do legs.  I love doing legs.  They are my absolute favorite part of the body to workout and always have been.  If it were up to me I would work legs every time.  On Wednesday I do pushing exercises.  That usually covers shoulders, chest and some triceps.  Friday is usually pulling exercises, which covers biceps, back and some hamstrings.  I really don't understand the difference between pushing and pulling.  I guess that is why I need a trainer.

The question I get most about working out is, "Do you like your trainer?"  My response is absolutely not!  Don't get me wrong, he is really nice and knows what he is doing.  But he also pushes me to work hard and keeps up with what I eat.  Those are two qualities I don't like.  

Last week my trainer was out of town so I took the week off as well.  We all need a break once in a while.  This week we have been back at it and going hard.  Tuesday I had a really tough leg workout and then walked in the neighborhood when I was done.  Yesterday I did shoulders, chest and triceps and walked after.

I have had two really good workouts this week.  Paula always has something new to try.  Her new thing is Bazi.  It is a nutritional drink that has 8 fruits and lots of vitamins and minerals.  I have taken Bazi before both my workouts this week and it has made a difference.  Usually I am drained after workout and it is hard for me to do cardio after.  This week I have had a great workout and then no problem with cardio.  I still have energy after I do cardio.  Tuesday and Wednesday after cardio I came home and did house chores for about an hour.  That is crazy and usually never happens as my energy level is down.

I have been taking two shots of Bazi a day.  One in the morning and one before workout in the afternoon.  The other thing I really like about taking Bazi is that I am not jittery on it like some other energy type drinks.  I really don't think it makes me feel different.  I just have more energy and notice how much I am getting done.

I also like that it gives me some vitamins that I need.  I don't take a multi-vitamin.  I know it is bad not to take some kind of vitamin, but I don't really like taking pills.  I got that from Grandma.  The Bazi gives me more vitamins than I would normally get.

Hopefully with all this working out I will lose some weight and tone up.  Summer is here and I would like to look good.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Got Flowers!

My wonderful husband sent me flowers.  Isn't he the sweetest?  The flowers are beautiful and even have my favorite flower.

I love gerber daisies.  I love how full they are and all the bright colors they come in.  This arrangement has four.  Two are light pink and the other two are white.  I am so lucky that I have a husband that loves me.
The best part of the arrangement is this little red bird.  How did the florist know that is totally me.  I considered taking a marker and making a few spots on the bird, but decided that might be taking it too far.

Thanks Jaime for the flowers.  You are the best!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yummy for My Tummy

Last week I was checking Kelli's Korner when I realized I had never checked her receipt blog.  She had posted a picture of these green beans that looked amazing which led me to her receipt blog.  The crazy thing is I don't even really like green beans.

We ate so many green beans growing up that I think I have eaten enough for a lifetime.  Grandma made green beans almost every meal.  She would serve green beans with anything.  She would even serve green beans with spaghetti.  Grandma always  served a vegetable with every meal.  Looking back it makes me laugh at all the things we had with green beans.

When I saw the recipe for bacon wrapped green beans I had to try them.  I kept looking at Kelli's receipts and found this one for chicken.  I made both of these the other night and they turned out really good.  These were the only two things we were having so it was kind of a sink or swim moment.  If it didn't turn out we had no backup plan.  Luckily, we didn't have to worry about that.

The chicken was great!  I only used 3 chicken breast and it was fine.  The chicken was really tender and moist.  This may be my new favorite chicken dish.  The green beans were a little sweet, but still really good.  I think next time I will half the amount of brown sugar.  

Both dishes were super easy to make.  I got the chicken prepared and in the oven and then started on the green beans.  By the time I was done preparing the green beans it was time for them to go in the oven.  My prep time was about 30 minutes and then I had 30 minutes to watch T.V. with Jaime.  It worked out just right.

The only thing I did differently with the receipt was cook both at 375.  I think my oven is a little off.  Lately I have been cooking everything on a higher temp then suggested.  So far everything is coming out better and I haven't burnt anything yet.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Husband is a Legend

It is so true, my husband is a legend in his hometown.  Jaime grew up in Corpus Christi in the Annaville area.  It is crazy how many people know who he is and all that he has accomplished.

On Monday we were in Corpus for Jaime to speak at the Tuloso-Midway High School Basketball Banquet.  We walk in the door at the banquet and 4 boys come right up to talk to him.  It is so crazy!  It is like they can't get enough of him.

I understand why they can't get enough of him.  He is really cute, but I don't think that is what impresses them.  I think this list impresses them.

Basketball Achievements for Jaime #33

District Champions
Newcomer of the Year for District, Metro and Area

Pride of Texas Champions
1st Team All-District, Metro and Area

Pride of Texas Champions
Pride of Texas MVP
District MVP
Area Play-Offs
1st Team All-Metro and Area
All-Region 1st Team
All-State 2nd Team
2nd leading scorer in school history
Selected to play in the Coaches Association All-Star game in Ft. Worth

Played on scholarship at Lamar University (NCAA Division I)

Played on scholarship at Southern Nazarene University (NAIA)
1st Team Academic All Conference
Played in the NAIA National Tournament
4th best all time field goal percentage in a single season

This was only PART of the introduction given to introduce Jaime.  I knew he had accomplished a lot in his basketball career, but when it was being read it was longer than I thought.  I was even mentioned in the introduction and all I had to do was marry a super star.  

Jaime gave a wonderful speech!  He talked about opportunity and creating opportunity for yourself and not waiting for an opportunity to come along.  He did such a good job and I really think the kids got something out of it.  He did an amazing job impacting all the different people in the audience.  I know the kids took something away from it and I even took somethings away from it.  The man has a future in public speaking.

Now for all my supporting evidence about how big of a legend he really is.

About six months ago I was at a Spurs game by myself.  Jaime was out of town some where and I went to the game.  Leaving the game I saw two kids with TM basketball shirts on.  I asked them if they played basketball and they both did.  I told them that my husband had played at TM and I introduced myself.  After hearing my last name they asked me if Jaime was my husband.  Shocked that they knew who I was married to just by my last name, I said yes.  They were totally impressed that I was married to Jaime.  They went on to tell me that Coach still talks about Jaime, which I knew.  It was really funny.  I was walking out with our friends and they still talk about how crazy those kids acted once they found out who I was married to.  The kids had stars in their eyes.

After the banquet was over we stayed to catch up with Jaime's family and Coach.  While we were talking to some friends a girl came up super excited to be standing next to Jaime.  She asked for her picture with Jaime.  After she got her picture she excitedly announced the picture was going on her Facebook.  That was the funniest part of the evening.

Jaime and the President of his fan club.  I didn't even ask the girl her name.

Jaime and Jonathon.  Jaime coached Jonathon in summer basketball and he is now trying to play professional basketball.  He is a great kid.

Jaime with his parents.

Jaime with his grandparents.

Jaime with Coach Craig.  Coach Craig has been the head basketball coach at TM for 25 years.

There a few things that were not mentioned in Jaime's introduction.  I want to have it all written down so I remember, but I also figure I am tooting his horn so I might as well do all the tooting possible.  Jaime is the 2nd all time leading scorer in TM history with 1691 points.  He is also part of the 500 Club for scoring over 500 points in all three seasons he was on varsity.  Last but not least, Jaime is part of the All Time Team.  Jaime is one of the top 5 players in Tuloso-Midway history.  He is amazing and he is all mine!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I am only like 4 days late on this post.  I guess better late than never.  

We had a wonderful Mother's day in Lubbock.  It was exciting to be around so many of my "mothers."  My mom is the best and does so much for me, but most of all loves me for the person I am.  I am lucky to have her in my life!  I am also really lucky because I got a second mom.  Aunt Anita has always treated me like a daughter and I love her dearly.  You can never grow up with too many moms to keep you in line, especially me.

Not only were both my "moms" there, but I also I got to see both my grandmas.  This is very unusual because my dad's mom lives in Wyoming, so we don't get to see her as often as we would like.  Caroline has meet her before, but I am sure she doesn't remember.  She referred to Grandma as "the lady who sings on the piano."  So funny.  Friday afternoon Grandma played the piano for Caroline and this is what stuck with her.  After Caroline said that I reminded her that I told her grandma's name.  She said, "I know, but I don't remember."  At least she is honest.  

We were only in Lubbock for a few hours on Sunday before we had to head home.  We had time for church and lunch.  Two of my favorite things.  We had lunch at Orlando's, which is my favorite restaurant in Lubbock.  The mafia queso is to die for!

I took 5 pictures of Ann, Caroline and John.  In every picture John's eyes are squinted or closed.  He's got such big cheeks that when he smiles his eyes close a little or a lot.  It really is cute, except when you are trying to get a good picture for the blog.  

I hope all you mothers had a wonderful mother's day.   

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Bird is All Grown Up

Baby Bird a.k.a. Doneece all of the sudden has grown up.  Last Saturday Doneece graduated with honors from Texas Tech with a bachelors in dance and her teacher certification.  

How did this happen?  She is 6 years younger than me and doesn't seem old enough to be out of college or even high school for that matter.  Imagine
 how old I feel. 

Doneece has taught dance at the Dance Gallery since she was a senior in high school.  Next year she plans on teaching full time at the Dance Gallery and taking a few graduate classes.  In honor of her graduation she bought herself a brand new car.  She got a Ford Edge and it is really spiffy and it smells so good.

Congratulations Doneece!!! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This little girl spent the night with me and Jaime on Friday night.  She had a great time and thought it was the coolest.  Her Mom on the other hand did not think it was that cool.

I told Ann I was going to ask Caroline if she wanted to spend the night with me and Jaime at my Mom and Dad's house on Friday night.  Ann seemed fine with it until I asked Caroline.  Caroline first said she would come stay with me and Jaime in San Antonio when school was out.  I better explained the situation and she was all for it.  She asked Ann if she could and Ann wasn't too sure.  She made Caroline ask Jeff and he said it was fine.

Ann was worried about Caroline being away from her for a night.  Caroline was not so worried.  Ann told her she could come home at any point if she got scared or missed her mommy and daddy.  

Caroline had already had a bath so the plan was for us to go get Jaime from the airport and then head home to bed.  I knew Jaime and my parents would go get something to eat once he arrived, but I figured they could drop us off at the house on their way.  Once we got Jaime everyone started talking about where they were going to eat.  Caroline chimed in that she wanted cheese pizza.  I told her we weren't going to eat because she had already had dinner and popcorn.  She wasn't giving in.  She was hungry and wanted pizza.  I caved in.  The girl has me wrapped around her finger.

We ended up all going to Chilli's about 9:00 pm, way past Caroline's bedtime.  She ordered cheese pizza and corn on the cob.  She was an angel.  While we waited for our food she entertained us and played tic-tac-toe with Jaime.  She wasn't the least bit tired.  She ended up eating 3 pieces of pizza and some of the corn.  We even made it out of Chilli's without anyone commenting on her Halloween pajamas.

Ann called to check on us at about 9:30 pm.  I think she was shocked we weren't home.  She was also shocked that I had taken her daughter out in her pajamas.  I was also shocked that I let this happen, but sometimes you have to live by the seat of your pants.

Once we got home it was 10:00 pm and she was tired.  I got her into bed and let her watch T.V. while I was getting ready for bed.  I had it on a basketball game and the next thing I know she is yelling DEVINCE at the T.V.  I realize immediately what she is trying to say so I tell her it is DEFENSE.  She gets it and continues to yell at the T.V. DEFENSE for about 5 minutes.  This makes me love this little girl more.  She yells DEFENSE at the T.V. just like me.  Finally I tell her it is time to be quiet and the next thing I know Jaime is telling me she is asleep.  I think it took her about 2 minutes to go to sleep once she stopped talking.

She was great!!!  She slept through the night with no problems.  She woke up about 7:15 Saturday morning and was ready to go home.  We held her off until 8:00 am so that Ann could sleep late.

I can't believe what a big girl she is.  She was a pro at the sleepover and ready to do it again this summer in San Antonio.  I am not sure her Mom is ready for this.