Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gary and Jenna Married!

A couple of weeks I shoot Gary and Jenna's wedding with Amanda. We had a great time and Gary and Jenna are such a cute couple. They were very relaxed and ready to enjoy their wedding day. Congratulations Gary and Jenna!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nine Years

Today James and I celebrate our 9th anniversary. I can't believe it was been nine years. The day I married James I knew it was forever, but I didn't understand how my love would grow for him. I love him so much more today than nine years ago.

Our eighth year of marriage provided some hurdles. Being sick most of November, December and January only made us stronger. James stepped up to the plate and took care of so many things while I was sick. He was my rock and came through so many times.

I could have never started a business without him. He is my business manager, my attorney and financial manager. Basically, he is everything for the business. He encourages me when I am struggling and is my best cheerleader. He is patient and calms me down when I need it most. I admire the amount of patience he has and hopefully it will start rubbing off on me soon.

Without James I have no idea where I would be in life. I doubt I would have a college degree. I am sure mom agrees with me. James deserves to have his name on my diploma as well. I would not have my own business and if I did it would not be successful. James is an amazing husband and my best friend.

James, thank you for everything you do for me and us. You are the best ever! Happy ninth anniversary.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Victor and Lara

I love these two! While I was in D.C. Vic, Lara and I snuck away for about an hour for a little mini-session. The are they live in is beautiful. I love all the huge trees and everything was so green. It all worked out perfect!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Suggestions Please

As you may recall I am turning 30 in September. I can hardly believe it, but it is happening. In order to celebrate the BIG 3-0 I have decided a trip is in order. I just can't decide where we should go. I am hoping you can help me out. Of course this will be a baseball based trip with other sight seeing involved.

Trip 1 - California
Start in San Diego. Spend a few days seeing the sights and see a Padres game. Drive to L.A. and see a Dodgers game and Angels game. James has been to San Diego before, but not L.A. I have never been to either place.

Trip 2 - Chicago
See a Cubs, White Sox and Brewers game. The Brewers and Cubs play in Milwaukee on my birthday. We have been to Chicago many times, but it has always been for work and we have never really enjoyed the city fully. We have seen a few sights, but not all the city has to offer. Did I mention the Cubs are my favorite team?

Trip 3 - Boston
Spend the majority of time in Boston and see a Red Sox game. Ride the train to New York for a Mets and Yankees game. We went to old Yankee stadium, but not the new Yankee stadium. I went to Boston when I was eight, but James has never been.

Those are the options. What is your vote? Everyone is invited on the trip, the more the merrier!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back From D.C.

I made it back from D.C. and I had a great time. I loved being there with Lara and the family! I so wish they still lived next door.

We didn't do too much. We spent lots of time catching up and it was great. My favorite part of the trip was going to a Washington Nationals game. Lara had never been to a MLB game so I took care of that.

We rode the Metro into the city for the game. It was so much better then traffic. I could never live in the D.C. area because of the traffic. It is pure craziness! The game was great. The Nationals played the Pirates. The Nationals won and it was a pretty exciting game. I wish we would have been there two days earlier to see Strasburg pitch his first Major League game. That didn't happen, but we got to see him in the dugout.

The ball park was nice. We had great seats. We were behind the visitors dugout about eight rows up. The hot dog wasn't the best I have ever had, but not the worst. They did have great fries. Overall it was a wonderful night at the ballpark.

Hopefully Devin is becoming a Tech fan instead of tu. He is at least wearing the shirt!

I love Pudge Rodriguez!

The Metro ride home was a little crazy. Not exactly the kind of stuff I can share on the blog. It is a Metro ride I will never forget.

So glad I had a chance to spend some time with wonderful friends. I am happy to be home for awhile. Of course now James is traveling. I really wish we could get our travel schedules on track. Maybe next week.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gone Again

I am gone again and in D.C. this time. James has been home the past few weeks so I have been gone. For some reason we can not be home at the same time very often.

I can to D.C. to see Lara, Victor, Devin, Mady and Mily. I got here late Tuesday night after my delayed flight. We didn't get back to the house till after midnight. Talk about a long day. To top off the long day, Devin and I stayed up till 4am catching up. I hadn't stayed up that late in a long time. I think I am getting too old for that.

Because we stayed up so late we had to sleep late. Actually, most of yesterday was spent catching up on sleep. We made it to lunch and then we were right back to the house for a nap. We were up in time for dinner. Basically, all Devin and I accomplished yesterday was sleeping and eating. After dinner everyone else headed to bed because they hadn't slept all day like Devin and I.

Instead of watching bad TV all night, Devin and I headed to the movies. We saw "Killers" and it was great. I highly recommend it. It was funny and scary and just all around great. Go see it. We get home from the movie to find out that Nebraska is leaving the Big 12.

What??? No more Big 12? Why can't the Big 12 survive without Nebraska? Nebraska is good at football sometimes, but I definitely don't think they are the sports powerhouse of the conference. Where will Tech go? I am so confused and worried about what will happen. I am starting to like the idea of going to the Pac 10 or 16 or 24, whatever it may be. At least we could travel to some new places to see some football games.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with all this conference non-sense. While we are on the subject I would like to make it clear that I think there should be a playoff system for college football. If that means we need four powerhouse conferences then get to it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dance Recital 2010

Last weekend was dance recital for my favorite peeps. I spent the entire week in Lubbock hanging out with all my favorite people. When Friday arrived it was time to get the party started. I am still trying to recover. All day Friday and Saturday on my feet wore me out. I had to take a three hour nap on Sunday to try and recover. My left foot still hasn't recovered.

Back to recital. Friday was rehearsal and Doneece and Caroline did great. Doneece was in five dances and was perfect in each. Caroline was a Yankee Doodle dancer. She did a great job tapping away. It was a long night, but at least I got to hang out with my favorite people.

Saturday was the real deal and I was only there for a little bit. I helped Doneece get ready Saturday morning and watched a little. Saturday night I photographed a wedding so missed the recital fun.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Addition To The Family

We have a new addition to our household. It is kind of a long story so bare with me.

We had the best neighbors that lived next door to us up until a few months ago. Victor, Lara, Devin, Mady and Mily were the best neighbors you could ask for. Lara and I would start our morning off by walking 2-3 miles together. We were always helping each other out. I would pick up stuff at the grocery store for her and she would do the same for me. There were many times she cooked dinner for us and I would cook dinner for them. I would occasionally pick up her girls from school if she couldn't make it on time. James and I went to almost all of Devin's football and basketball games.

On Tuesday nights Victor would work late and Lara would take Mady to cheer practice. Devin and Mily started coming over for dinner on Tuesday nights and would stay over till Lara got home. We came to love and look forward to Tuesday nights. Mily and I would watch "The Biggest Loser" while James and Devin would play playstation after dinner. It was great!

In December we found out our wonderful neighbors would be moving to the D.C. area. I was so sad. We loved them so much and they were such a huge part of our lives. I prayed many times that the move wouldn't happen. The move continued to move forward.

Devin is freshman in high school and is very involved in sports. Devin's dad lives not far from us in the same school district. Devin was given the option to move to D.C. or move in with his dad and continue going to school at Smithson Valley. Devin chose to stay. I was so excited for selfish reasons. I knew Devin's decision was extremely hard for Lara.

We vowed to Lara that we would help Devin as much as we needed to. Devin's dad works shift work so he has a changing schedule. We told Lara we would help get Devin to and from school and any sporting events.

Since Lara and the family have moved we have had Devin with us a lot. I pick Devin up from school a couple of days a week. He has stayed with us a few nights and James has taken him to school. Did I mention he is 15 years-old? It has been interesting having him around. We love having him around. It adds a little excitement to our semi-boring lives.

It is interesting to hear about high school drama again. I have started sounding like my mother constantly asking him about homework. There is never a dull moment with Devin. Devin has become a member of our household and our family. We are loving having him around and now miss him terribly when he is away.